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DC1YB OP: Herwig "Herb" Feichtinger, Petershausen, Germany, 25 km N Munich. QTH: JN58RJ, 4824' N 1128' E, 456 m ASL; view location in Google Maps. The photo on top (click for larger version) shows my QTH with a 42 m long Windom (FD4) antenna on two 10-m fiber poles. The white vertical on the right side of the roof is a VHF/UHF antenna. The site is in a rural area on the edge of Petershausen (population 6,300) in the state of Bavaria.

HF/6m: Transceiver TS-590S, 100 W output, FD4 antenna 10 m over ground. VHF/UHF: TM-V71 E, 50 W, omnidirectional 3 dB antenna 8 m over ground. Portable/QRP: TH-F7E for VHF + UHF, 5 W.

QSL info: Won't work via the bureau! - Please use eQSL.cc or send yours directly to my postal address: Herwig Feichtinger,  Muenchner Str. 26 a,  85238 Petershausen, Germany.

You might also be interested in some of my homebrew projects or some experiences with shortwave and portable VHF/UHF antennas. Here is a gallery with some more pictures.


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